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Call for application! L-GRANT Entrepreneur Life-Tech Award!


We are proud to announce the call for the L-GRANT Entrepreneur Life-Tech Award. As one of the ways to support the research activity of the young researchers as well as helping them to integrate their research into society, Leave a Nest Grant has started since 2008 in Japan.

L-GRANT, a system that encourages the activities of researchers around the world beyond national borders and creates more opportunities for them to play an active role, has established a new “L-GRANT Entrepreneur” program. As the first step of the program, the “LIFE-TECH AWARD” is now open to researchers and venture companies in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The L-GRANT Entrepreneur is a grant for young researchers and entrepreneurs to support the start-up of original and ambitious research projects. In addition to a 100,000 yen activity grant, the selected recipient will be entitled to participate in an entrepreneurship education program free of charge, and will be provided with opportunities to invest in the start-up phase of the company. By providing an educational process in addition to the activity support grant, we will accelerate the development of science and technology and contribute to the global community by encouraging high-quality startups based on research results.

Background of the establishment of the Life-Tech Award

“How can we enrich our lives?” This is the core question we had when we initiated the “LifeTech” field of Leave a Nest’s acceleration platform “TechPlanter”. Life-tech encompasses everything from birth to death, and we aim to conduct projects based on a broad perspective of the growth and changes that occur in the body and mind, the relationships between people to people, people to things. In short, Life-tech is a group of technology that improves our QOL, life and well-being.

This grant aimed to support the implementation of Life-Tech to the society will call for applications from Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. To find out more about the grant, please take a look at the website and information below.

Application Theme

Life-Tech will include the following fields:
• Healthcare, Communication, Living Environment, Nursing Care, Sensing, Behavior Change, Sensitivity of People, Education and other fields related to “People”.
• We will accelerate the implementation of these technologies to enrich the QOL, lives, and well-being to pursue a better life for everyone living on this globe.

Application Timeline

1st June ~ 31st July 2024 2359 GMT

Target criteria

Researcher, business person (who is willing to found a company) or founder (some already have company) who have ideas or interested in starting up a business in the area of Life Tech based in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

Supplementary Prize

  • Equivalent to 100,000 Yen
  • Right to participate in educational programs for business startups
  • Right to participate in HIC MY

This program is organized by Leave a nest Co.,Ltd.  and implemented with the cooperation of Japan Tobacco Inc. as a partner.

Applicant details

  • Applicant Basic Information *
  • Project title *
  • Purpose (What you will be achieving within the project period) *
    Describe in brief what you wish to accomplish and clarify in this application. Please also describe the unique and original aspects of this project, as well as the expected results and significance. Please write in the form of a text, not a list of accomplishments (list of papers, etc.).
  • Purpose of the research (The background of you research) *
    Please write about the background of this application theme/ topic, such as the social background and the current status of research by other teams, excluding research findings from your team.
  • Purpose (Achievement you have made up to now regarding on this research) *
    Please write in text or illustration the past achievements and preliminary experimental results of yourself and your team, related to this application theme. (Not to list as achievement list)
  • Plan & Method (What kind of research you will do to proceed with your research) *
    In this column, please describe the specific plan / method for achieving the project purpose, with a summary at the beginning. In this section, please describe the situation of examination from various aspects, such as the response when the project does not proceed as originally planned, and concrete measures for carrying out this project (ideas for effectively promoting research, E.g. support from collaborators for efficient project).
  • Related industry *
    Please choose from the following options
  • Achievements & Awards *
    About the papers and books you published, patent you got or any things you have made or invented.
  • Achievements & Awards (Biography) *
    Please enter your academic background, work history, and research history in order from the present to the previous year. In addition, please briefly describe any noteworthy items (awards, etc.).
  • What is “Life-Tech” to you? *
    Please enter up to 300 characters about What is “Life-Tech” to you?

 Education Program Overview 

Course  Life Tech Entrepreneur Course
For who Researcher, business person (who is willing to found a company) or founder (some already have a company) who has ideas or is interested in starting up a business in the area of Life Tech. 

-Those who has not received investment 

-Not as a company nor team-based, but as an individual

Lecture structure Three basic structure

  • Deepening yourself
  • Understanding Lifetech (Lifestyle, Healthcare)
  • Sustainable Business 

Total 3 hours per module includes; Mindset training from LVNS Lecture, Skill Up training from External Lecture, Hands on Workshop

Course period 26th Oct., 2nd Nov., 9th Nov.
(Lectures will be held twice a day, 3 hours each in AM and PM)
Online Japan, Singapore, Malaysia  Onsite, three stations connected online

Speaker & Contents

Speaker Contents(tentative)
26th Oct.
AM Singapore
Vida City
CEO & Co-founder
Mr. Zac Toh
Team Building to Community Building
PM Malaysia
Petronas PING 23
Ms. Zafirah 
Ideation from the Issues
2nd Nov.
AM Malaysia
1337 Ventures
CEO & Founding Partner
Mr. Bikesh Lakhmichand
How to Launch Projects
PM Singapore
NUS Business School
Adjunct Professor
Virginia Cha
Design Thinking w/ Technology
9th Nov.
Blue Bear Ventures
Managing Partner
Mr. Alic Chen
Evaluation from Deep Tech VC Perspective
Senior Venture Builder
Mr. Dennis List
Product- “to be Market” Fit


What is Leave a Nest Grant?

For inquiries, please contact us at:
JP : rd “at” lnest.jp
MY & SG : info-asia “at” lne.st


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