This is our first time to conduct Leave a Nest Grant in UK. We would like to use this opportuny as our first step to support the acitivity of young reseachers in UK. Through this grant we would like to get to know many reseachers from UK and support an interesting research from wide range of fields. If you have an idea you would like to realize through reseach please submit the application to us!

Shohei Micheal Maekawa
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.


Theme:Any research that’s to do science
Target:Young researcher who are resident in UK or who is researching in UK based research institute in aboard.
Number of award:1
Grant amount:£3,500

Schedule for the LNest Grant UK Award

Application starts July 4th 2017
Application deadline August 1st 2017
Announcement of first stage screening August 13th 2017
Announcement of Grant Award winner September 1st 2017

Steps for the LNest Grant UK Award

First, please make a registration and create your account at sales force by filling in the required information.

Please access to you’re MY PAGE and fill in the application form by the deadline.

Until the deadline date, you may edit your application form as many time as you want. Please note that draft phase of an application will not be considered as full application.

In the first screening process, we will screen by your application form. The result will be announced in roughly few week time after the deadline and those who passed to the next stage will be notified.

For those who have passed the first stage of the screening process, we will contact you for second screening (Video Conference meeting). The second screening will be comprised of presentation from the applicants and Q&A from Leave a Nest side. Again the result will be announced in roughly few week time after the first screening result announcement and those who have won the award will be notified.

After the announcement of the award winner, we will send you the documents for transferring the money and the transferring of the grant money will be done by bank transfer. The name of the award winner will be published within the Leave a Nest site.

For more details please contact: [email protected] (attention to Michael Maekawa)