The Leave a Nest Grant aims to support passionate early career scientists or researchers to pursue their curiosity (favourite experiments) .

Since 2001, Leave a Nest in Japan has provided various opportunities for researchers in Japan and around the world to be able to pursue their goal towards “Advancing Science and Technology For Global Happiness”. The Leave a Nest Grant is one such outreach activity.

In general, young researchers have difficulties in obtaining grants to support research activities that they would really like to pursue. Leave a Nest being a Science communication company made primarily of Masters and PhD researchers, quickly understood this problem and strongly felt the need to solve it. 

Since 2008, the Leave a Nest Grant has supported close to 200 young researchers, mainly in Japan & the UK. Now Leave a Nest would like to expand the Grant and related activities beyond Japan, to support the research activity of young researchers around the world. As our corporate name suggests, Leave a Nest, stands for leaving the comfort of one’s nest and taking the first step into the unknown. We hope many young researchers will be able to use this opportunity and take their own first small step to pursue and excel in their research careers.

To know more about Leave a Nest, and our activities around the world, please click the link below https://en.lne.st/


Young researchers or graduate students with any scientific question and the passion to solve it.


Applications will be evaluated according to the following COVE criteria*.

  • Communication – the clarity and effectiveness with which the applicants explain about their research/ hypothesis
  • Originality – of research topic
  • Vision – possible future applications envisioned by carrying out the proposed research 
  • Enthusiasm –passion displayed by the applicants about their research    

*the criteria are not ranked in any particular order


Leave a Nest Grant is a research grant program meant to support young researchers to contribute towards “Advancing Science And Technology For Global Happiness”. In order to do so, we do not strictly limit the use of the grant money. The researchers are free to work on a broad variety of scientific topics. Thus the awardee can choose how to use the grant money as long as the awardee adheres to ethical, legal requirements and the set terms and conditions of the grant.


1. LNest Grant Delightex Award (SG, MY, PH & UK)

Grant Theme: Research on traditional rituals across the world as well as its effect on humans.

  • Grant Award Amount: 6,500 SGD or Equivalent currency
  • Number of Grant Awards (UK, SG, MY & PH): 01
  • Applicants from Singapore please click here
  • Applicants from Malaysia please click here
  • Applicants from Philippines please click here
  • Applicants from United Kingdom please click here

Grant Background

Delightex Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company that is searching for unique, innovative solutions that bring “Ananda”, the Sanskrit word for delight, to people around the world. Delightex seeks to achieve this by creating products and services that bring together cutting edge technology and traditional methods, prevalent worldwide.

The theme of this grant focuses on research methodologies or studies involving traditional rituals or ceremonies across the world and the effects of such rituals on the minds of participating individuals.

For more information please contact:

Leave a Nest Grant Team : Attention  Ravi, Michael, Elizabeth or Hakim.

Email: [email protected]