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Call for application! Leave a Nest Grant S.T. CORPORATION Award in Malaysia!


We are proud to announce the call for Leave a Nest Grant S. T.  CORPOARION Award. As one of the ways to support the research activity of the young researchers as well as helping them to connect to industry side as well, Leave a Nest Grant has started since 2008 in Japan.

This time, this grant we will be done in collaboration with Japanese company called S.T. CORPORATION to explore about research creates air that enriches lives using natural substances. The grant will call for application from Malaysia. To find out more about the grant, please take a look at the website and information below.


Any research that creates air that enriches health and life of living things using natural substances

Widely accepting the following topics that improve the richness of life through the use of air and natural substances:

  • Research on the functionality of natural substances
  • Research on the effects of fragrances on the body
  • Research on the effects of air conditioning and space design on physical condition and sensory perception
  • Improvement of pet health through the use of air conditioning and natural substances
  • Other research related to air and natural substances
Application Timeline

1st March ~ 30th April 2024 2359 GMT

Target criteria

Any researchers doing research in Malaysia based on the theme


3,000MYR research grant


S. T. Corporation has started their business in 1946 with the manufacturing and sale of mothproofing agents to prevent moths from eating kimonos. Since then, the company has grown by solving a variety of trouble and inconvenience in daily life and bringing “freshness and comfort” to customers while creating new markets, such as mothproofing agents, warmers, dehumidifiers and deodorizers. They are also developing their new business “Changing the Future with the Power of Air” using their expertise to utilize chemical and natural ingredient and lots of R&D collaboration with academia.

Apply now!

Application Form:


For more information:

Interview of S. T. CORPORATION >> https://grant.lne.st/research-grant/642/

What is Leave a Nest Grant? >> https://grant.lne.st/en

For enquiries, please contact us at:

[email protected]


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