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    Leave a Nest Grant -Global Challenge Award-

    Research that can potentially contribute to solving issues in our world

    Leave a Nest Grant -Global Challenge Award- will focus on awarding research and technologies relating to issues that are felt by a lot of people around the globe, which therefore has a lot of impact.

    Leave a Nest Group has been offering a novel type of research grant called the Leave a Nest Grant since 2009. The grant is designed for young researchers to take their first step to investigate topics that are really fascinating to them. Since its establishment, Leave a Nest, together with various partner companies, has offered almost 200 independent grants to more than 360 researchers, and the total amount of our research fund circulation has accumulated more than 1 million USD.

    This 2022, Leave a Nest will celebrate its 20th anniversary. As a company, we are all rooted in each of our research backgrounds and wishing to keep contributing to academic research. Also, in and after the COVID-19 era, we believe that academic research will play a more and more important role to solve the issues scattered in the world. That is why we would like to announce the launching of the “Global Challenge” grant. We will select a total of 20 researchers who are studying in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Four different Global Challenge grants are offered from each country. Here, we are pleased to announce the research theme for Japan; that is, Research that can potentially contribute to solving issues in our world. The research areas in focus include, but are not limited to, Healthcare, Environment, Agriculture and Food, Nature, Society, and Education. We are looking forward to your challenge!!

    Ryuta Takeda/ 武田 隆太 Leave a Nest Co., Ltd./株式会社リバネス Received Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Trained as a pure scientist in a biotech field. After joining Leave a Nest, I am responsible for running our Deep Tech Seed Acceleration program "TECH PLANTER" more than 10 countries to find Deep Tech seeds to match Deep Issues. In addition to that, I run my research program, and HR training workshop for young scientists. An experienced communicator, and also evangelist of Leave a Nest Way. See the world as it should be!!


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